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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Excuse my absence. I've been creating life.

Little garden plots kind of pale in comparison to cultivating entire human beings within one's body and then pushing out said human being(s) on your living room rug. The last couple of months of pregnancy really sapped my life force, and I have - I think, understandably - been a little preoccupied with the care and feeding of a new little man, so I haven't had much time for gardening, canning, cooking, etc. More accurately, I haven't had much time for blogging about it.

We welcomed a little man into the world on August 14 after two whole hours of labor and four minutes of pushing. Yes, I am impressed with myself. It was an incredible experience, and after having a hospital birth and a home birth I cannot comprehend ever setting foot in a hospital to give birth ever again, unless life-saving procedures are necessary. The best part was being able to sleep in my own bed afterward, without any nurses coming in to poke or prod. I highly recommend the experience.

I meant to post regular pictures of my garden and harvests, truly I did. But I only have these meager few. My harvests were meager, as well, partly due to my half-hearted weeding and packing way too much into my square footage. I'm also not good at feeding and watering the soil, and it always bites me on the butt. Next year I need to concentrate on making really nice soil and feeding it when necessary. Our lack of heat didn't help things, but I can't blame all of my garden's failings on that!

I might be the only person in the world who had two zucchini plants and about five zucchini total.

The first harvest - the wax beans actually grew like crazy and I ended up with about three pounds of beans, eventually.

My tiny lettuce crop. It was turned into a salad with boiled beets and feta cheese in a lemony vinaigrette. My daughter gobbled it up!

And here are my three square-foot gardening boxes, packed to the brim. Next year I might actually listen to the square foot gardening dude when he says that tomato plants that aren't trellised need NINE spaces:




The yellow pear tomato was crazy productive, and the roma tomato was close behind. The yellow pears pretty much ended up going straight down my daughter's gullet, and the romas were mostly dried in the oven - just sliced in half and dried overnight at 200, no seasoning or oil. I think we got a lot of hillbilly potato leaf fruits, though I'll be darned if I knew which plant was planted where. I lost my "map" to my seedlings and then my map to the garden. Maybe next year I'll be organized. (Yeah, right.)

And since we're getting frost around these parts, I guess it's the end of tomato season unless we've got some farmers with row covers. A short and sweet season it was.


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