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Monday, June 22, 2009

Neglectful me

I could offer excuses, but I have no good ones! I keep meaning to post pictures of my garden, but I need to take them first. We've had quite a stretch of rainy days, followed by some hot and humid days, which means things are really taking off.

Some things have not popped up. Either my chanterais melon or watermelon (I can't remember what went where) didn't come up, and most of the lettuce didn't, either. I know it's late for lettuce, but I had to give it a try. I am probably going to stop by a greenhouse and pick up half-price something-or-others to fill those gaps, and I'll plant another round of bush beans as well. Or, I suppose I could leave things bare and try to remember to plant some spinach or broccoli or the like when the weather cools down again. But I am trying to forget that someday it'll be cold and the snow will come, etc.

The big excitement recently has been my first day at the farmers market. My husband and I set up promptly at after-seven-thirty (we were supposed to be set up before then - oops) at the New Hope Community Farmers Market and we're proud to report that Robin's Dale Handmade Soap actually sold some product. I suspect we'll sell more as time goes on, if only because I'll be adding more sellable scents. As much as I like all-natural, herbal soap, the general public likes the fruity/floral sort. I will eventually have a proper website set up, with online ordering, and will likely throw some goods up on Etsy as well. I smell like freesia today, and you could, too!

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