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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sowing of a sort

What have I been doing with the last eight months? Growing TWINS. That's right, in my uterus. To say we were surprised might be an understatement. The pregnancy wasn't exactly planned, and we found out I was carrying twins at 25 weeks, during an ultrasound we had just to put our minds at ease about things in general. This pregnancy has probably been the most comfortable one I've had yet, and they could arrive any day now.

I was scolded for suggesting that I start yet another blog to be a "mommy" blog, so it's about to get more mama-fied in here. So I have a spot to put them, I'll be adding the birth stories of my other babies, and hopefully the birth stories of "The Veggies" (Radish and Broccoli, for now) will be added soon, 'cause mama's getting a bit more uncomfortable each day.

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