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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My summer bucket list

I have SO MANY DREAMS, guys. SO MANY. I gave myself an entire year off from anything but the bare minimum, because you really can't do much more than the bare minimum when you have two babies at the same time. But now it's go time. No more messing around. Let's make this summer count.
Here is my summer bucket list, as in what I want to do before summer kicks the bucket, not me.

  1. Brew some beer. I'd love to shadow one of my several friends who homebrew to see how their process goes and pick up some tips and tricks. I'm confident I can master the process; it's just that I've already done plenty of hobbies where there's a massive investment in infrastructure and where I've learned that much of the infrastructure is unnecessary. 
  2. Increase gardening space. My backyard is home to three 4x4 "square foot gardening" boxes. I've never managed to get a decent yield from this setup and would prefer a more haphazard and fun method of gardening. Liz @ Food Snobbery is my Hobbery has a great garden to which I aspire. I'd like to double the size of my raised beds.
  3. Re-contemplate chickens and—is this too ambitious?—take some real action on getting them again. It seems absurd that I spent years whining about wanting chickens, finally got two ladies (the picture is a rare one of them—I miss you, Mabel and Beatrice!), and then had to find them a new home. This time I'm going to do it the way I should have in the first place—permit from the city, a coop built by us, and lots of hens.
  4. Go camping. Even if it's just one weekend, or one trip out to my mom's boyfriend's cabin, we're going to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars with a thin bit of nylon between us and them. 
  5. Preserve ALL THE THINGS. Okay, not all of them, but some. One thing I will skip is canning apricots, aside from a bit of jam, as even with very, very heavy syrup they ended up sour. I must remember to make dilly beans, as the eldest child devours them whenever she can.
  6. Do some sewing. My mom helped me buy a really sweet sewing machine as a Christmas present two years ago. Have I used it? Hardly. I have a bunch of materials to make diaper covers and two babies who are growing out of their medium-size covers. I have quilts I could make and dresses I could stitch. 
  7. Exercise, exercise. I've kinda-sorta started up Couch to 5k again. My bike needs some work, which needs to be done soon because I am eager to start biking to work again. The downside of this particular item on the list is that it requires so much stuff. I have to fix my ripped or purchase a new set of saddlebags so I can transport things to work. If we want to go biking as a family, we need a second trailer (or, in my dreams, a Madsen). I need new running shoes and running clothes (five-year-old maternity capris don't really make you feel like an athlete). I exercise because it makes me feel good, not to lose weight, but the monetary expense it sometimes entails cuts down on those good feelings.
  8. Cook a lot/bake a lot. Some people may not want to cook or bake when the temperature rises. I'm the opposite. My oven will be going all summer, and I am eager to take fresh, local produce and turn it into amazing food, especially after this year of too much pizza and too many frozen chicken nuggets.
  9. Write more. I have a bee in my bonnet to start blogging about lactation, postpartum care, and a little about pregnancy and parenting on my business website; I find I have too much to say about these things to keep it to my Facebook page. Then there's this space, which I'd love to fill with more recipes and snapshots of our oh-so-exciting lives. Maybe, just maybe, if I distract myself with writing actual words I can pull myself away from all of the one-liners I feel compelled to leave on the ol' book of faces.
Should be no problem.

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